New Windows 10 Build 14352 for PCs/Tablets, No new Build for Mobile this week due to "Disabled" ring bug.

Microsoft pushed out a new Build 14352 for PCs and Tablets after more than 2 weeks since the last Build update (14342).
This latest Build brings a few new features and here's a quick summary of the notables ones:

- Cortana can now work as your DJ, you can say "Hey Cortana, play my playlist" or "play my favorite artist" or "play my album" and Cortana is now smart enough to access the Groove Music app and play your requests (this is only available to Groove Music Pass subscribers).

- Cortana now has a built in timer, you can activate by saying "Hey Cortana, set a timer for xx mins" and you can even follow up with "how much time is left" or you can cancel the timer with "cancel timer"

- The Windows Ink Ruler now has a compass...

- Also, the Feedback Hub now includes replies from Microsoft, this way you know what issues or feedbacks Microsoft has acknowledged!

There are a few more new features and improvements, I cannot list them all, just the notable ones above.

Also, there's a long list of fixes in this build, a very long list!!
There are just a few known issues too, but nothing to work about really...
  • Previously installed extensions for Microsoft Edge may not work for around 15 minutes after your first sign-in. A work around for this is to manually re-install each extension from the Store.
  • In some cases, the new Cortana features highlighted above may not work. Restarting your PC should fix the issue and get the features working.
  • Using the keyboard to navigate in certain Store apps like Netflix or Tweetium does not work. You will need to use your mouse.

  • Read more at Windows Blog

    Ideally, Microsoft would love to release both PC and Mobile Insider builds on the same day or at least in the same week, but that wasn't the case this week.
    Microsoft cited a bug with the Insider level settings page affecting a few Mobile Insiders. The bug causes some Insiders' level selection (slow or fast) drop down list to be greyed out and locked on "disabled"...

    Microsoft is working on fixing this issue and hopefully we will have a new Build next week.

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