It's official; Nokia is coming back to the smartphone game.

After Nokia sold its Smartphone business to Microsoft, there was a lot of outcry from Nokia faithfuls, especially those who have clamored for Nokia to instead release an Android smartphone than sell its business to Microsoft.
Well, even though it is a few years later, it is finally happening, Nokia officially announced that they are coming back to the smartphone business. Nokia faithfuls (if there are still any) will finally get their wish.. An Nokia phone running Android.

Nokia sold all of its smartphone factories and talents (veteran Nokia employees who made those wonderful Nokia phones we loved) to Microsoft.
So in order to get back into the smartphone business, they have enlisted the help of a Finnish smartphone maker company, HMD Global which ironically is headed by a Nokia veteran; Arto Nummela.
HMD Global bought the rights to use the Nokia brand name on smartphones and tablets.

A new generation of Nokia phones and tablets (running Android) is coming... have you felt it?

Interestingly, Nokia has a seat on the board of HMD Global, so they will be greatly involved in the path that's shaping up for its reborn smartphone business.

Microsoft's acquisition of Nokia has been a disaster. Microsoft has since written off the $8Billion it used to acquire the once Smartphone giant. Microsoft has also laid off more than 90% of Nokia staff it inherited.
And they recently sold of the Nokia feature-phone business to a company (FIH) which is owned by Foxconn, FIH also has ties with HMD Global (A company Nokia has a seat on their board).
I don't know about you but I think Nokia just bought their phone business back from Microsoft, all of it. Which is good news, because today, Microsoft just announced they were cutting another 1,850 jobs (mainly Nokia staff in Finland), I hope these guys find a home with the new face of Nokia's Mobile business; HMD Global.

We look forward to the new set of smartphones coming (probably sometime next year) and hope Nokia's brand name returns to former glory and undo all the damage Microsoft has done.

For more details on this announcement from Nokia, read the official statement here

I, personally cannot wait to see what the new Nokia phones will look like, what kinda of designs they will carry and what new innovative features in-built that will have to compete in a market already dominated by Samsung.

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