A couple of suggestions on how Microsoft can improve the W10M Settings page

There was a time when the only way you could change the Bluetooth name of your Lumia phone was to connect it to a PC, back then, if you didn't have a PC or laptop, there was no way you could edit the Bluetooth name of your Lumia phone.
Today however, things have changed, you can now edit your Bluetooth name right from your Lumia phone, the problem now is where Microsoft placed this option, it is located in Settings>System>About

I think it would be better if Microsoft placed this option in the Bluetooth settings page. Sometimes, while you are in the middle of pairing and you want to confirm your device's name, you have to exit the Bluetooth settings page and go all the way to the About page to confirm the name and then go back to the Bluetooth settings page to continue with your pairing. It would be really convenient if Microsoft made this possible to either see your device name in the Bluetooth settings page and also edit it.

Bluetooth Settings page

Secondly, the "reset your phone" option is also hidden in the Settings>System>About page... at the bottom.
I think this option should be placed in the Update & Security settings section, right next to the Backup option or maybe even within the backup settings page.
On Windows 10 PCs, the Update & Security settings section has a recovery option, Microsoft can also introduce it to Mobile OS too.
because think about it, wouldn't it be nice to see when last your phone was backed up before you start a reset? Having the "reset your phone" next to the backup settings or within it would really make it more intuitive.

And FYI, even if you type "reset" or "edit my phone name" in the search box in the settings page, it comes back with no results, turns out the search in the settings page is very limited.
Microsoft will also have to improve search index in the settings page as well.

I wrote this article because the 2 most frequently asked questions I get from new Windows Phone users is either "how/where do I edit the Bluetooth name" and "How do I reset my phone"
A couple of days ago, someone asked me that he had searched for the "reset the phone" button for hours until he gave up. I mean even  It really isn't intuitive. Hope Microsoft is listening.

What do you guys think? Is the settings page just fine the way it is or how else would you improve it.
Let us know in the comments below...
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