Here's my summary of the new features coming in Microsoft's BIG Windows 10 anniversary update coming this summer (July 2016)

I recently just got back from a 3week vacation and it looks like a lot has happened since then, Microsoft held its annual developer conference in San Francisco, //Build2016.

A lot was shown, announced and demo'ed at //Build2016. It is pretty hard to keep up as so many new features'  coming to Windows 10 (and subsequently Windows 10 Mobile as well) this summer.

I will attempt to give a summary of the new features coming to Windows 10. As you know these new features will be released in a GRAND update coming to Windows 10 this summer (July 2016) Microsoft is calling "Anniversary Update"

Ok, so here they are:

You can now add video trailers for your apps/games in the Windows store, if you have used an Android phone before, then you know that you can watch video trailers of the game or app right there in the Google Play Store, this gives users a demo of the app/game before they decide to download, right now Windows store visitors are limited to just screenshots, but with this new feature added, be prepared to start seeing video trailers of apps/games in the store.

Microsoft introduced "Chaseable" live tiles and I'll explain what that is in a second. You know when you see an app on the Windows Store live tile on your start-screen or an article on your Feedly live tile for instance, or an email on the Outlook Mail live tile. When you tap on these live tiles, it just takes you to the app not the actua content you saw on the live tile. Well, now with the new Chaseable live tile, when you tap on an app you see on the Store live tile for instance it should take you to that app right there in the store. Of course, devs will have to update their apps with this new feature.

The Action center is also getting some major improvements, coming this summer with the Anniversary Update, when you dismiss a notification, it will also dismiss on every other device you own (this is called "Universal dismiss"), so for instance, if you dismiss a notification on your mobile (whether Windows 10 Mobile or Android) it will also dismiss on your PC too! Microsoft also included the new Notifications mirroring which allows for notification to sync across all devices, even Android phones.

Use "Hey Cortana" from the lockscreen. With the upcoming update, you will soon be able to use "Hey Cortana" even if your PC is locked (from the lockscreen), this is already available on the Lumia 930, 1520, 950 and 950XL

Another really cool feature coming is the support of Microsoft Hello on the Microsoft Edge browser. so imagine instead of using your password to log into your bank website, it instead uses Microsoft Hello (either fingerprint or iris scanner)  to log you in, so already the future is looking less stressful without the need to remember passwords.

Right now, if you buy a tablet like the HP nvy 8 Note for instance, it has a Wacom stylus pen, which will only work on that model, but in the near future, thanks to a partnership between Microsoft and Wacom, stylus pens will work regardless of what surface. Microsoft also is improving its stylus support on Windows 10 devices, this new effort is called Windows Ink.

You will soon be able to run bash shell (Linux) on Windows 10! Yes, this is probably in the top 5 biggest news Microsoft announced during //Build2016

Also, if you are familiar with continuum for phones, you already know that you need a monitor, Bluetooth keyboard and mouse to use your continuum-supported phone like the Lumia 950 and 950XL as a PC, well now, all you will need for the continuum experience will be your PC!

Also, soon we will be able to answer phone calls right from our Windows 10 PCs, also send and receive SMS text messages.

We will also soon be able to get live badges right on the taskbar in Windows 10.

Cortana will also be able to tell you on your Windows 10 PC when your phone battery is low, or locate your phone via GPS or send map directions from your PC to your phone!

Microsoft is also looking to redesign the startscreen on Windows 10.

This is just a few of what's coming in July. so hold on to your seats, things are about to get pretty exciting in the coming months.

Courtesy: WindoowsCentral

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