Windows Phone isn't dead!... It's on Life Support

I came into work today (Monday morning), only to be bombarded by co-workers about how Windows Phone is dead and I should give up and switch to Android or worse iPhone! This made me realize just how widespread the news of Microsoft's Windows Phone's apparent demise. It was a surprise, because I wasn't aware that Windows Phone was dead, I mean I got a configuration update (via the Windows insider preview) only last week.

Windows Phone is like a patient who is on life support and the hospital has to decide either to keep having hope that it's wake up or when to pull the plug and call it. Like it or not, this is the grim reality.

There has been a lot of buzz about the future of Windows Phone after Microsoft released their financial report last month (January 2016), the report showed a steep decline in windows phone sales. Microsoft had sold just 4.5M Windows Phone, compared to 10M they sold a year ago. And with TheVerge's Tom Warren (long time Windows Phone enthusiast) posting an article appropriately titled "Windows Phone is dead" based on the latest report, the internet was buzzing about whether Microsoft should finally drop out.
There has been a lot of articles from multiple Windows Phone blogs/websites either rebutting Tom Warren's assertion that Windows Phone is dead or affirming it.
So here is my take on it...

I am going to say Windows Phone is neither DEAD nor is it ALIVE... It is on Life Support.

Windows Phone being on life support, is the perfect analogy and here's why...

Microsoft has entrusted the revitalization of Windows Phone into the hands of Surface creator and guru, Panos Panay. He is like that noble doctor who is trying to convince/plead with the Hospital's Board that he can revive a patient who is on life support, how's he going to revive the patient? With a new treatment he believes will bring the patient back to life (SurfacePhone.)
So the hospital Board (Microsoft) stops all previous treatment (Lumia Brand) and is now eagerly waiting for this miracle cure (SurfacePhone) that their Doc (Panos Panay) is working on.
So since all previous treatment has been stopped by the board, the patient's health deteriorates, vital signs/report chart for the patient are really bad (financial report), shows the patient is now barely alive, but the board doesn't mind, they have confidence that this miracle cure that's being prepared by Dr. Panos Panay will be able to bring the patient back from the brink of death.

To conclude, I will say this, closing the App gap will not save Windows Phone, something truly remarkable, something truly innovative will, and even then don't expect Windows Phone is jump to second place anytime soon, that's never going to happen and Microsoft knows that too (that's why they release their apps and services on other platforms. But if everything goes well, expect Windows Phone to be annoying third cousin Google and Apple are going to have to deal with every thanksgiving.

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