Video: 10 new features in Windows 10 Mobile that are not in Windows Phone 8.1

Last week, Microsoft released a new build 10512 for Windows 10 Mobile. Sadly, there were no new features, instead Microsoft used the huge jump from build 10166 to 10512 to represent the over 2,000 bug fixes it made to the Mobile OS.

So there is simply nothing new in the build 10512 to show you guys, as most of the enhancements and bug fixes are mostly under the hood.

Instead, I have chose to make a video showing just 10 new features, welcome features that are now available in the Windows 10 Mobile OS that are not available in current Windows Phone 8.1

Let's check them out...

More Quick Action Buttons:
WP8.1 has just 4 quick action buttons. But with W10M, Microsoft added 3 more rows of quick action buttons. You can access them by using the expand option.

Expandable Notification messages:
You can expand the notification messages to reveal more info. On WP8.1, you only get one line of the message.

Smart Dialing:
Smart Dialing is now available on W10M. On WP8.1, you would have to go to the phonebook to get the contact you are trying to call. With smart dialing, all you have to do is type the contact name using the T9 keypad and it automatically searches for the contact for you.

Transparent Tiles:
You can now set an image background and set the live tiles as transparent. This is currently not available on WP8.1

More Accent color options:
WP8.1 has 21 color options to choose from while on W10M, you have more than twice that, with a total of 58 color options to choose from.

Launch Apps directly from the Store:
While the WP8.1 store got a major UI refresh in W10M, it also added a very important feature. After installing an app, you can now launch the app directly from the store, unlike on WP8.1 where you had to go to the apps list first then launch the app.

W10M brings a new input method. Speech-to-Text allows you to say what you want to type. this option is not available on WP8.1

Ease of Access:
In the age of larger screen phones, it is almost impossible to use your phone with just one hand esecially on screens 4.6inch or more. Well Microsoft introduced this new feature where you can hold down the Windows button to bring the display down, reachable to you for easy access. This is a very thoughtful feature that is not available on Windows Phone 8.1

Private notifications:
You can set what notifications you want to private. This is a very cool feature. You notifications do not show up, they show as "private" instead.

GIF support:
W10M now supports GIFs. GIFs are basically animated pictures/images and you cannot view them on WP8.1. But they are now viewable on W10M. This is one of my best features. Lumia Cinemagraph is an app that will benefit heavily from this new feature. As you know, your cinemagraphs can be exported as GIF files and now with W10M you can view then right there from the photos hub.

Gabe Aul, did mention that the Windows 10 Mobile OS is ways from being finally complete. So this is in no regards the final lists of improvements that Windows 10 Mobile will have over Windows Phone 8.1.

Just look at this video as a Part I to more videos to come to show just how awesome Windows 10 Mobile is and how huge of an upgrade it is compared to Windows Phone 8.1

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