Nokia reaffirms: I'll be back... in 2016 with New Smartphone

There have been a lot of rumors about whether or not Nokia would return to manufacturing Mobile devices.
The rumors got so loud that back in April, Nokia put out an official statement that it had no plans of manufacturing mobile phones.
But fast forward to present time, and only yesterday Nokia released a statement confirming that they were indeed looking into coming back into the mobile game.

I find it odd with the timing this statement was put out. A week after all the turmoil about whether Microsoft was going to continue making Lumia phones. Maybe it's coincidence?
In my opinion, I think Microsoft re-sell its Mobile division back to Nokia but what are the chances of that happening?

Since Nokia essentially sold all it's Mobile operating parts to Microsoft. They (Nokia) are looking for a hardware manufacturing company that will manufacture, market and do channel distribution. In essence, they are looking for a company that will handle the business of making and selling phones. So what will Nokia then bring to the table? Two things... the design and technology of the phones.
So in a nutshell, Nokia will use their technology to design Phones and then contract the making of those phones to a 3rd party. Just like what they did with Foxconn manufacturing the Nokia N1 Android tablet, which is a replica of the iPad Mini sadly.

Even after Nokia has found a suitable company to carry out these tasks, it still will not be able to sell phones till Q4 2016 as the contract they have with Microsoft end at the end of 2016.
So Microsoft has till end of 2016 before Nokia gets a chance to steal its loyal customers back and if Nokia comes back then and still manages to gain a bigger market share than Microsoft's Lumia line, then I guess the Lumia line deserves to be scrapped but we will see what happens.
Either way it is not looking good for Nokia or Microsoft for that matter. Early to mid 2017 should be a defining time for both companies in regards to mobile industry.

Microsoft would by then have mre than a few high end quality Lumia devices manufactured by the "true" Nokia mobile team and their factories, while Nokia as a company will be leasing its manufacturing to 3rd party companies like Foxconn who also make some of Apple's products like the iPad, iPhone and so on.

Really interesting stuff.

Even when Microsoft releases new flagship Lumia's in a few months, it will be branded Microsoft but deep down, you and I know that they are Nokia devices. They will look like Nokia phones, they will feel like Nokia phones but they will be branded "Microsoft"

In Q4 2016, when Nokia first Mobile devices will be released, we will have to see if they look like and feel like Nokia phones.

See Nokia official Statement
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