Microsoft confirms: New Flagship Windows 10 Lumias' are coming soon

After Microsoft announced that it was laying off close to 8,000 workers associated to its Phone division (formerly Nokia), drastically hacking down the number of Lumia's produced and then killing a few Microsoft apps (Photosynth, MSN Travel, Health...).
The conclusion was that "The End is nigh" for Windows Phone and that all these were a sign that Microsoft was preparing to kill off its Windows Phone Mobile OS, an OS that has faltered since its inception.

When in face, Microsoft was strategically positioning itself in a position to be dominant and these changes signaled a new strategy to that end.
But that didn't translate to many and they took to their blogs proclaiming the demise of Windows Phone.

Well, yesterday during the Keynote address to kickstart Microsoft World Partner Conference annual event that's being held in Orlando, FL. Terry Myerson, Head of Microsoft Phone and devices division re-iterated and clearly stated and I quote:

"Last week we announced a focusing on our Lumia lineup, but let me be clear: soon you will see premium new Lumias designed for Windows 10."

So there you have it.
We expect to see Microsoft announce these new Lumia flagship devices running Windows Phone at IFA annual event in Berlin on Sept 4th. Though this has not be announced by Microsoft. All fingers point to this event for when Microsoft will announce its new Windows 10 Mobile line-up.
IFA is a trade show for consumer electronics and it was at last year's event that Microsoft announced the Lumia 830 and 730.
On the other hand, Microsoft might announce its own event to unveil its new line-up, either way we will see in the next couple of months.

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