Video demo: Iris scanner coming to flagship Lumia 940XL with Windows 10 Mobile?

Specs for a couple of high-end flagship Lumia devices have been rumored to be released later this year, running Windows 10 Mobile.
Both devices are codenamed CityMan and TalkMan. You can read more about the rumored specs.

Another very credible leakster with a good track record when it comes to these things, (in person of Evan Blass, or popularly known by his twitter handle @evleaks) has also leaked the same specs for these 2 devices adding that the CityMan will also come with an Iris-Scanner.

High-end phones today typically come with a fingerprint, it seems to be the standard of authentication now on high-end phones, from Samsung to HTC to the iPhone.

If @evleaks is right, then Microsoft will be leapfrogging its competitors by going to the more advanced iris scanner.

So just how efficient is iris scanning compared to fingerprint scanner?
Well, we were lucky to get a demo video (courtesy: PhoneArena) of just how the iris scanner works, thanks to a prototype Fujitsu demo'ed earlier this year...

The initial setup takes a while as you can see from the video, but once that's complete, it authenticates and unlocks your phone in milliseconds. I think this is more convenient and way faster than the fingerprint scanner.

Iris scanner on your phone will need special hardware integrated into your front facing camera.
How this will impact the price of high-end phone iwth this feature? I guess we will find out later this year (if the rumor is true)

There's also facial recognition which Intel has been advertising, though it remains to be seen if that will make its way to phones.

So what do you guys think?
Will this feature be a deal breaker when deciding to pick up a smartphone? Or will it be irrelevant?
Give your opinions below...

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