Leaked screenshots of unreleased Build (10149) for Windows 10 Mobile shows improvements, Microsoft Edge and more

Gabe Aul, General Manager, OSG (Operating Systems Group) for Windows 10 tweeted yesterday that they were currently testing a couple of promising builds for both PC and Phone, he also stated that they are currently reviewing the issues with these builds and will decide soon if to push them out.

So fingers crossed but we could see new builds, at least one new build for either Windows 10 PC or Windows 10 Mobile.
My money is on a new build for Windows 10 PC, it has been a while since we got the 10130 build (more than 3 weeks ago now). And the last build for Windows 10 Mobile we only got last week Tuesday. But you never know, we could get both this week. Though it is important to note that Gabe Aul has stated in the past that builds for PC and Mobile cannot be released on the same day.

Right on cue, the guys MSMobile.pl published/leaked screenshots of an unreleased newer Windows 10 Mobile build (10149), this could very well be the build Gabe Aul and his team at Microsoft are considering pushing out soon.
They note that this new build has a few significant changes and improvements that come with it. They also say it is much more smoother than the current 10136 build.

Here are the screenshots and the changes in this build 10149...

The first couple of screenshots shows that Project Spartan has now been re-branded Microsoft Edge. Also the second screenshot shows that an additional row of shortcuts has been added, with the cellular data toggle shortcut button now added as well (one of the most requested features from insiders)...

The second pair of screenshots shows that the address bar has now been moved to the bottom of the screen, where it is easily accessible with your fingers, this is also one of the most requested features.

Next pair of screenshots shows that the version of this Microsoft Edge browser is 19.10149.0.0, this is a significant jump from the project spartan branded browser which currently sits at 16.10136.0.0
Also, there is now an option (website preferences) that allows you to choose how you want to view a page, they are Mobile version and Desktop PC version...

If you are running the 10136 build currently, then no doubt you know how ugly the app list or app drawer is looking right now, well the good news is that we will see a better looking, more modern app list in the next build, according to the screenshots below, There aren't those ugly frames around the letters anymore and the search field now has a dark theme too...

Next pair of screenshots shows that the audio management controls got a slight tweak, the volume levels have been moved to the sides (they are currently displayed next to the headers in the current 10136 build). The flashlight shortcut quick action button is now available!! So yes, this most requested feature is coming also, a quick action button to toggle the flashlight (only available on phones with LED flash)

Next is the Battery saver settings page, though it doesn't look like much has changed from the version currently on Build 10136...

This next screenshot (particularly the one on the right) shows the phone app, and as you will notice the voicemail button has been moved back to the bottom next to the phonebook button, this will be the 2nd time it is being moved. it was initially at the bottom in earlier builds, then got moved to the top (as you can see in the current 10136 build) but now it looks like Microsoft is moving this back down again.

this last screenshot shows a welcome addition to Windows 10 Mobile's arsenal of functions. The ability to choose what program/app to use and open files.
Though I wish will we also be able to choose what apps to use and open links also. For instance, opening Instagram links in Instagram...

The guys at MsMobile.pl are stating that this build really stable and smooth, they even say when it comes to response time and how smooth it runs, that it is comparable to Windows phone 8.1 currently running on Lumia phones (that's a huge statement) and finally, they state that this build 10149 will be released next week.

I have been using the build 10136 on my Lumia 830 for almost a week now and it is my primary device, it is not without its issues but compared to previous builds it is stable enough, it runs smooth that I have been able to use it as my primary device.
If what the guys at msmobile.pl are saying is true regarding the stability of the next build, then the number of Windows Insiders running Windows 10 Mobile will increase exponentially, this is good for Microsoft's feedback program as more users will be able to give their own suggestions and report issues.

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