Nokia set to sell its HERE Maps service

News from the Wall Street world today is that Nokia is set to sell its Here Maps Service.
As you know, Nokia went from the World's largest producer of Smartphones less than 10 years ago to no smartphones after Microsoft acquired its Mobile division a couple of years ago.
Nokia's Map service, HERE wasn't part of that acquisition, even after the sale of its mobile division, along with the HERE maps, Nokia still owned its Wireless network technologies division and a bunch of very valuable patents and intellectual properties; And Nokia has been doing very well in this division.

Since the sale of its mobile division, the HERE Maps service expanded from just Nokia phones and Windows Phones to Android and iOS platforms and is even integrated into some car models, as Nokia struck deals with various car companies to have their cars powered by HERE maps

After news of the possible sale of HERE maps, Nokia stocks went up from &7.76 to above $8 per share. It looks like investors are liking the idea of getting rid of the HERE maps.

Apart from Nokia's recently released Nokia N1 Android tablet, HERE maps is Nokia's last footprint in the mobile sector. Selling it off, will surely wipe the presence of the once Mobile giant from the smartphone and mobile sector.

What do you think?
Should Nokia sell HERE maps?
Or do you think it is just a major distraction from their already successful wireless network technologies division.

Source: Bloomberg
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