Nokia confirms: I'll be BACK... in 2016... with an Android smartphone [UPDATED]

It's official, Nokia has confirmed that it will return to the smartphone market with Android smartphones in 2016.
After it's Mobile division (and it's talented staff) were acquired by Microsoft a couple of years ago, Nokia was now a company that focused on Telecomms, its LTE broadband networks technology and HERE maps (although they are set to offload HERE Maps to the highest bidder).
Nokia released an Android powered tablet last year; the Nokia N1 running Nokia's Z launcher, it was basically a iPad Mini shell running Android...

iPad looking Nokia N1 released last year
[UPDATE] Nokia has released an official statement that it currently has no plans on releasing a smartphone next year 2016. Read More

Details about who will be manufacturing the Nokia handsets next year have not been confirmed, as you may or may not know, FoxConn manufactured the Nokia N1 last year. But President of Nokia China, confirmed that they will be using factories in China and also that Nokia's R&D will also relocate to China.

Like the Nokia N1, let's hope Nokia releases just one unique smartphone, with unique features that will make it stand out from the others and by others I mean Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony, Lenovo, BLU, Acer, Asus and the list goes one.
If Nokia make success from this, it will be as a result of the Brand power and whatever unique, never before seen features Nokia will put into the phone.
In the meantime, I wonder how Microsoft feels about all this. the next flagship Lumias aren't due to late this year and the impact this will have depending on if Nokia releases their Android phone early 2016.

What do you think? Will you change your mind and switch to the Nokia Android phone next year or will you stick with Windows 10 Lumia phones?
Sound off in the comments below...


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