Funny Prank video of Apple staff impersonators trying to get Apple customers to visit Microsoft Store

Truth be told there was once a time when the tech battle was just between Apple and Microsoft,
remember the MAC vs. PC Guy TV ads?
Then all of a sudden Google appeared from nowhere and left Microsoft way way behind.
Well, Microsoft isn't standing idly by as their birthright is being taken from them.
With the launch of Cortana and the imminent launch of Windows 10 this summer, Microsoft is taking the battle back to Apple and with this latest publicity stunt they pulled at various Apple stores, legal or not, Apple should be concerned... Or not.
Check it out for yourself...
A video courtesy famous YouTube channel: NelkFilmz, which features a bunch of guys who perform outrageous stunts and pranks, they have over 190k subscribers, their video pranks rake in more than a couple million views everytime and this latest video of them disguised as Apple employees luring potential Apple customers to the Microsoft store already has more than 200k views and is funny, witty or downright disgusting (depending on whose side you are on)

Microsoft obviously paid these famous YouTube pranksters to impersonate Apple employees (aka iGeek) and have them lure unsuspecting customers to the Microsoft store down the hallway at the mall. I don't know what the legal ramifications are for a stunt like this but I doubt there will be any proof Microsoft was behind this.

But it has got me wondering, as smart and witty as this stunt was, what exactly is Microsoft offering that is better than Apple's products today? Apart from Cortana, the Surface Pro 3 and free subscription to Office 365, I feel even if these customers had gone over to the Microsoft store, they would have made a U-turn right back to the Apple store. I mean Microsoft phones are still missing some basic features and most importantly a few essential apps.

I think this stunt was pulled prematurely, they should have waited for Windows 10 launch in the summer and the subsequent release of flagship Windows 10 phones, like Lumia 940, 1030, HTC One M9 for Windows or even the Samsung S6 for Windows (quite possibly going to happen).
A potential iPhone 6 buyer isn't going to go into a Microsoft store and after seeing the lack of any flagship device opt to buy a Lumia 635! Who are we kidding?

Bottom line is Microsoft is in no position to be bashing Apple products when they have nothing comparable to what Apple's offering at the moment.

But when Windows 10 is launched and if it is as good as I believe it is going to be, then publicity stunts, viral videos like these wouldn't even be needed to promote Microsoft products.
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