Comparing the Lumia 730 with the Lumia 535

Sometimes, it's hard to pick a new Lumia device, there are a lot of factors to consider. There is the price to consider, the quality of the camera, dual SIM compartibility, the build quality, display quality and more.

So what if you have say a budget of a little over $200 and you wanted a Dual SIM LUmia phone, well then you have 2 options; The Lumia 730, a mid-range Dual SIM Lumia or the Lumia 535, a low end Dual SIM Lumia phone. Both phones cost less than $250 and support Dual SIM.
I recently owned both devices and was surprised to see how "almost" similar they are in terms of features and performance and given that the Lumia 730 costs twice as much as the Lumia 535, I decided to put these two phones in the ring and see how they match up against each other.

The first obvious difference is that the Lumia 535 is a Microsoft, actually the first Microsoft branded Lumia phone and that is evident as soon as the turn on the phone as it is the MIcrosoft Logo splash screen you get as compared to the Nokia logo on the Lumia 735.

The next obvious difference is the display quality, the Lumia 535 has a 5inch display with a low unimpressive 220ppi pixel density, not the sharpest or brightest of screens, when compared with the Lumia 730 with its 4.7inch display with 316ppi pixel density, you immediately see the BIG difference.

But the Lumia 535 has a bigger battery, at 2200mAh compared to the Lumia 730's 1905mAh battery.

In my opinion, both scored the same in terms of build quality, sporting removable back covers made out of plastic.

Both CPUs clock at 1.2GHz, though the 730 has a SnapDragon 400 and the 535 has a SnapDragon 200.

So you be the judge, which is the perfect phone when you compared all the factors together.

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