Ignorant article from PocketNow about Windows 10 for Phone's early build

Ok, I am going to try and contain myself while I write this. While I cool off, I request to head over to Pocketnow and read this article... done?

Ok, first of all, the title of that article reads...
Is Microsoft’s Windows 10 preview launch already a failure? Dear Adam Doud, Microsoft did not "launch" the Windows Phone 10 OS.

The article then starts with the line
"Microsoft introduced its brand new developer preview of Windows 10"
- Don't be misinformed, while Microsoft introduced Windows 10 for Phone last Thursday, it was NOT a developer preview, do you even know what a developer preview is? Microsoft released an early build of Windows 10 for Phones, this is NOT a preview, previews are a glimpse of what is coming, this early build is like a first draft of an idea/product/application, and as time goes on, there will be significant changes from this build and the final product.

Somewhere in the article he goes on to say...
"Most notably that the devices that were getting this update"
- This guy Adam, calls the early build an update, do you even know what an update is? You have got to be kidding me, right?

If you think this Adam guy is done. Well, here is the kicker, He compares this to Microsoft's failure to upgrade first generation Windows Phones to WP8, wow!
Microsoft has promised to upgrade all WP8 phones to WP10, Adam apparently thinks Windows Phone 10 is coming to only the 63x, 730 and 830 because only these devices got the build last week. wow!

He also talks about how it looks like Partition stitching will be a "MAJOR ISSUE" for high end Windows Phone devices upgrading to WP10.
Joe Belfiore and Gabe Aul already explained why there isn't an early build of the Windows 10 OS available for higher end devices now, as the partition architecture on high end devices is quite different from low end WPs. The Windows 10 build was released on low end devices first because from an engineering standpoint it is better to test run on low spec'ed devices first.

This is by far the most ignorant article about Windows 10 (there are others out there) I have read, I expected this from maybe ignorant, overly anxious windows phone users (a lot of them on twitter)but not from a professional website.

I have a lot of respect for PocketNow, but they have got to do a better job at vetting their articles. Whoever is the editor-in-Chief over there... take note. You are misinforming your thousands of readers and this is not right.

This is Izzi. signing off!
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