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TV Presenter: Hello Izzi, nice of you to join us today.
Izzi: Glad to be here.

TV Presenter: Let's start off with you telling us you real name
Izzi: haha, My parents named be Ezenwa Egwuatu!

TV Presenter: That's quite a mouthful. how did you get the name Izzi then
Izzi: I know, that's why you can just call me Izzi, I got that from shorten Ezenwa to Eze then to Izzi!

TV Presenter: E-Z-E-N-W-A E-G-W-U-A-T-U wow, where are you from orignially?
Izzi: I'm Nigerian by birth, our names actually have meanings, for instance my last name EGWUATU means "fearless" and my first name Ezenwa means "son of a King", the shorten form Eze actually means "king"

TV Presenter: Wow, that's very interesting, thanks for sharing that with us today. So tell me about your blog mslumiablog and how it all began.
Izzi: It's simple really, I love Nokia devices, no wait, I love anything Nokia, and I have been told I'm good at creative writing, so I took the one thing I love, Nokia and put my creative writing to work.

TV Presenter: You started your blog back in 2012, today you have written 1,350 blog articles, you have since gotten a little under 1 million webpage hits, a twitter handle @nok4us currently with 400+ followers and your YouTube channel has over 450+ subscribers with a total view count of close to 600,000 views today. How do you solely mange your day job as a Network Engineer and your blogging activities, creating all those blog posts and YouTube videos?
Izzi: It hasn't been easy, but I will say it's all about passion, I love what I do and you know the saying, it's not really work if you doing what you love, I am open you having co-authors but they have got to have the same passion for Microsoft tech products as I do.

TV Presenter: That's great to hear. one last question... What does the future hold for MSLumiaBlog.com?
Izzi: I have got to say, as long as Microsoft keeps putting out great products and services, I will be here writing about it.

TV Presenter: Thank you , Izzi
Izzi: No, thank you for having me

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