Windows 10 event begins in 1 hour, what to expect...

In an hour, Microsoft will begin its live event at its HQ in Redmond, WA.
You can watch it live because Microsoft will be live-streaming the event.
It is said to be a 1-2hr event, so get ready for possibly the first best 2 hours of 2015.

But many are asking, what do we expect to see? Well, Microsoft has done a VERY good job keeping details of this event a secret.
So there are a lot of unconfirmed rumors and more and more speculations.
But I will try to give a compilation of all the rumors/speculations we have heard since this event was announced more than a month ago.
Keep in mind while theses are unconfirmed, it should give a boundary on what to expect when the event starts in an hour.
So here are the rumors making the rounds about what is going to be unveiled today...

 - A new build of Windows 10 for desktops will be demo'ed and launched today. This isn't really a rumor as this was teased by Microsoft's head of Operating Systems Dev team, Gabriel Aul.

- Windows 10 for Phone will be demo'ed and we could get to download a preview to play it, this is the most anticipated news most WinPhans wants to hear today, it is rumored that a new OS will be launched that will be able to run on both tablets and phones, but these are unconfirmed, guess we will find out...

- A unified App store: it is rumored that Microsoft is ready to show off its unified app store, bringing together the Windows desktop and Windows Phone stores into 1.

- A new browser (codenamed Spartan), there has been a lot of buzz about a new browser Microsoft has been working on, rumor also claims it will replace the Internet Explorer, I guess we'll find out in an hour.

- A developer preview of the Windows Phone 10 OS will be made available today after the event; This is a rumor that many want to believe and hope comes true.

- A phone/laptop hybrid device; The latest rumor is that Microsoft might unveil a phe/laptop windows phone device that will run Windows 10 and is focused on enterprise users (think Nokia E7)

- A new Microsoft Office for your Windows Phone is also rumored to be shown off today

- Also, there are unconfirmed reports that Microsoft could show a feature that allows you to make calls, send SMS from your Windows PC/Tablet/Phone

As you can see a lot is expected from this event, but these are some of what are expected...

If we get 7 out of 10, that would be good, if we get to see stuff we never saw coming, even better.

You can watch the event unfold, live @
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