Microsoft re-brands Accompli email client as Outlook app on Android/iOS, gives Windows Phone users a glimpse of what to expect

If you follow my weBlogs then you know by now that my greatest annoyance with Windows Phone today is its native Mail app. It's so awful.
So you also understand why I was particularly excited about Windows 10 for Phones. As you know, Windows 10 for Phones will bring with it a new suite of universal apps: Outlook, Office Suite, Calendar, Calculator, even messaging app will be amongst the new look Windows 10.
And of course, the new Outlook will replace the awful mail app currently on Windows Phone.

Microsoft bought Accompli last year, makers of the popular Accompli email client on iOS & Android.
And they are already reaping the benefits... 2 months after the acquisition the Accompli app has been rebranded as Microsoft Outlook Mail app.
Microsoft first demo'ed this new outlook app last week at the Windows 10 event in Redmond, WA.
But if you want to play with in its entirety you can download either its iOS or Android versions on your iPad, Android tablet, iPhone or Android phone.
I just installed it on the Nexus 5 and after playing around for a few minutes, I have to say, it is as advertised: it combines super fast email, calendar and files!

It gives you access to your mails that matter and it has access to your calendar, and files you got from your email account and also files from OneDrive. 
So imagine you want to send an email with an attachment.
You can just grab the file directly from the Outlook.
But overall the app is just fast, smooth and very intuitive, easy to use.
There are still more features that can and will be introduced as time goes on (as the app is a preview app).
Makes you wonder if this is the preview, what the final product will look like.

Bring on Windows 10 for Phones.
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