[UPDATED] Finally! Leaked Picture of New Nokia Lumia Device surfaces... Lumia 1020 successor? McLaren? or Lumia 830?

We have been hearing so much about the Lumia 1020 successor, codenamed McLaren, and finally today....
Images have surfaced from WPDang of what they say is the successor to the Lumia 820... calling it the Lumia 830, this device looks like an oversized Lumia 1020, the screen looks a tad smaller than the Lumia 1520.
The side looks like the Lumia 930 as it also has aluminum frames and the screen looks about 5-inch diagonal width (maybe more).

There does seem to be capacitive buttons as this was made prior to the release of windows phone? prolly the same time the Lumia 930 was made too.
The camera design follows where the Lumia 1020 left off, but this time it is smaller in radius.
The back looks like it is made of polycarbonate, just like the Lumia 930 or Lumia Icon from Verizon.

And I don't see any physical buttons, so it could be powered on by just gripping the device just like earlier rumoured...
We could be looking at the rumoured Nokia codenamed device: McLaren which was rumoured to run on a SnapDragon 805 QuadCore CPU, with 3D touch technology and a 41MP camera as it will be an enhanced successor of the Lumia 1020.

Source: WPDang 


This latest render shows the back of the phone in more details.
- It has a 13MP Carl Zeiss camera
- Single LED Flash
- Speakers grid at the bottom
- aluminum case around the edges like 930
- The "Nokia by Microsoft" Brand

The device is said to also be 4.5inch in screen size just like the Lumia 1020 but 0.5 inches smaller than the 930 though they both share the same physical appearance. if true then this would be a mid-range Lumia, 830?

Doesn't look like the Mclaren/Lumia 1020 successor device we are waiting for, more like a replacement for your 8xx series
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