Windows Phone 8.1 apps... upgraded/redesigned/improved

When the first Lumia phone was released a couple of years ago, the Windows Phone store had 7,000 apps in its store and everyone doomed the platform for lack of apps and a very incompatible WP7.5 OS.
Today we are talking about WP8.1 and over 160,000 apps. Focus/criticism has now shifted from the number of apps in the store to the actual quality of these apps and rightly so, a lot of apps were released to the store but their quality was greatly lacking
We see apps which lacked in many many features when compared to their Android/iOS versions.
Apps that were broken/buggy but still remain in the store for over a year,
Apps that were just official mobile webpages instead of an actual mobile app.

But as WP users, the most we could do was send emails to the developers to upgrade their apps and hoped they listened.
After the preview release of Windows Phone 8.1, I have noticed a lot has been going on in terms of apps and how they stack up to their android/iOS versions.

When eBay's WP app for instance got released last year, it lacked greatly in features, when compared with other mobile versions, it made a mockery of the WP platform.
Today, its been upgraded/redesigned/improved, makes you wonder if a PayPal WP app reboot will be coming soon, seeing as PayPal is also owned by eBay, and right now their PayPal hasn't been upgraded since the 25th of March 2013 (more than a year ago).

The Amazon app also got upgraded/redesigned/improved.

Tapatalk, a popular iOS/Android forum manager app got upgraded/redesigned/improved.

Recently the Facebook got a face-lift, the Facebook Beta app now has a modernized look and feel to it now.

redesigned Facebook                              Old Design 

Path also came out of beta, though we are yet to see Instagram do so too (still in beta since its release)

Still waiting for a redesigned Twitter app (badly needed) and a much much needed upgrade for Microsoft's own Skype which we expect should be released this week?

In conclusion, the Windows Phone 8.1 has opened the doors to more quality apps, and as developers make use of the new tools use for WP8.1, expect not just more apps in the store but quality apps too.

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