Nokia Lumia 630 vs. Nokia X2

So in the last 3 months Nokia has announced two (2) low budget Dual SIM phones running on two different mobile OSes.

On one hand, we have the Lumia 630 and on the other we have got the Nokia X2 which was announced today.
But how do they compare, when stacked up against each other?

The Lumia 630 is the first phone built from the ground up to support WP8.1, but in emerging markets where this phone will sell Cortana (a major feature of WP8.1) is not yet available, though there are many many improvements to the platform, the new notification center, work flow keyboard and recently Microsoft announced that its WP store has over 255,000 apps with 500 app submissions very day. But there is still a lot of work to be done, apps to be improved on.
The X2 is running a forked version of Android, meaning it is Android, it's just not Google's android, so it lacks Google's features/services like google now and most especially google play store. But all android apps can run on the the X2, Nokia says it takes less than 15mins to port a google android app to its Nokia store on the X2. Because it's OS is built on android all android apps are readily available, there are already guides on how to side-load Google apps onto the X2.
Winner: Nokia X2.

Screen Size:
The X2 has a 4.3inch (wider) ClearBlack display screen with 400x800 resolution with 217 ppi pixel density on a scratch resistant glass.
While the Lumia 630 is a 4.5inch (longer) display protected by gorilla glass 3, the rest of the specs are pretty much the same with the X2.
Winner: Tie

The Lumia 630 has 8GB internal storage with up to 128GB microSD supported and 512MB RAM.
The X2 has 4GB internal storage with up to 32GB microSD supported and 1GB RAM.
Winner: Lumia 630

This is one area where the X2 shines for a low end smartphone, it has a 5MP camera and a front facing camera with LED flash.
The Lumia 630? well, it's just got a 5MP camera, no LED flash or front facing camera (no easy selfies for you). Both record video 720p at 30fps
Winner: X2

Qualcomm's SnapDragon 200 1.2GHz Dual Core CPU on the Nokia X2 is not a lot when compared to the 1.2GHz Quad Core CPU on the Lumia 630. But to each his own as the CPU is only relative to the mobile OS it is powering.
Winner: Tie

here is the interesting part, the Nokia X2 is priced at just below 100Euros, while the Lumia 630 which seems to lack some essential features like front facing camera and LED flash is pricier at over 100Euros
Winner: X2

Overall, it looks like Nokia really put some thought into the Nokia X2 and how they managed to pack it with essential features and still keep the price low is beyond me.
I expect the price of the Lumia 630 to drop lower to match the X2, if not the X2 is the better buy between the two.

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