My Cortana UI Concepts...

If you are one of the million people who already updated to Windows Phone 8.1 for Developer's Preview. Then most likely you have spent a lot of your time playing with cortana (that doesn't sound right) and seeing how she works.

Cortana is still in beta so a lot, I mean a lot could change between now and the next 12 months, from polishing how she searches the internet in the back-end to the user interface, and that's what I want to talk about and show some concepts I was able to design using... Microsoft Paint.

As you already know, Cortana takes over Bing, well actually it's integrated into Bing. So now when you press the search button you are launching Cortana.

The features you missed from the original Bing on Windows Phone 8 have been added to Cortana, for example the music search function, but the Bing vision function which we normally used to scan QR codes is missing in Cortana, though it will be brought back at some point (remember Cortana is still in Beta)...

Cortana Beta screen-shot                                                          Cortana Concept UI (Bing Vision added)

As you can see from the above concept I created, the Bing vision function can be added right next to the music search icon. Hope to see this when Cortana comes out of Beta or even sooner.

When you set up Cortana for the first time, you get to tell her your interests, what sports team you follow, what news you are interested in, the weather and more...

Here is a UI change I designed highlighting how Cortana should display news to you...

Original Cortana Beta UI                                                                            Concept Cortana UI      

Right now the current design is in a list form, but how about making them like live tiles? Almost like HTC's sense UI but better with live tiles. Or maybe no live tiles, the point is the metro style which Windows Phone is known for is consistent here.

If you follow me on twitter then you know I am a sports fan and Cortana has now made it even easier to catch up on scores from my favorite team and also see upcoming schedules. the current way Cortana displays this info is not bad, but I would prefer it the other way. Take a look...

Cortana Beta UI                                                                                      Concept Cortana UI

You be the judge, which looks better???

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