XBox Live messaging is now FREE! on Windows phone 8.1

In my opinion, I don't think Microsoft has done enough to take full advantage of its huge user base of xbox gamers.
As of February last year, xbox had no less than 76 million users, I don't see why Microsoft cannot make at least half of those to want a Windows Phone.
Little wonder many have called for an Xbox Phone. My point is Microsoft needs to do something  to bring more of its Xbox users to its Windows Phone platform.

One way Microsoft tried to integrate its Windows Phone and Xbox Live experience is through WP game hub and its Xbox live games... Achievements earned from both Phone and Console are added to your gamer profile, that's cool but its not enough.
Microsoft also introduced messaging from the Games Hub where you can instantly message your gamer buddies (using their gamertag) and they can receive your message either from their phone or on the Xbox console. Pretty neat right, there was one problem, you couldn't use it unless you were an Xbox Live Gold member. I guess they did that because they thought only Xbox live members would want to instant message other Xbox members, so it made sense, right? I didn't think so and I am glad someone at Microsoft shared my sentiment.
Because with Windows Phone 8.1 you can now instant message other Xbox members regardless if you are a Gold member or not.

Just hop on over to your Game hub, swipe to the Social pane and hit the Messaging mini tile and you can message anyone as long as you have their gamertag.

the only downside is you don't get notified of an incoming message in the action center, the only notification you will get is in the Notification section in the game hub and that can get easily lost in the stream of other game notifications.

Microsoft really needs to improve on its method of taking advantage of its 76million+ xbox users, look for ways to get at least half of them to get a windows phone and increase their market share. This free xbox messaging is a good step, but there is still more that can be done.
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