Nokia announces Lumia 630 & 635: Dual SIM low end WP8.1 phones #MoreLumia (hands on videos)

Nokia was on stage at the Microsoft Build during Day1 Keynote address to launch a few Lumia devices.
S.Elop came on stage and announced the Lumia 630 & 635 low budget WP8.1 phones. Though you might think they are upgrades from the Lumia 620, make no mistake, the Lumia 620 is cooler than these pair.

Though the Lumia 630/635 can be touted as the fastest low end Lumia phone with its 1.2GHz quad-core qualcomm CPU, it still lacks some essential features, but I will get to that in a bit.

The Lumia 630 features a 4.5inch FWVGA screen, 1850mAh battery, 5MP camera (no flash and no front facing camera) 1.2GHz quad core qualcomm CPU with 512mb RAM, 8GB internal storage with  microSD card slot for SD cards up to 128GB.
The Lumia 630 comes in 2 versions, a single SIM and a Dual SIM version. These are 3G phones by the way.

Here are a few hands on videos...

The Lumia 635 is almost identical with the Lumia 630 with just one distinction: It is a 4G LTE phone.
And i bet Nokia had to make this variant for the American market as it will be released on At&t, T-Mobile and MetroPCS.

The best selling Windows Phone today is the Nokia Lumia 520, why? it's dirt cheap but still packs a punch. Nokia had to remove certain features to make it that cheap and they succeeded.
I don't know if Nokia was trying to emulate the 520, but if they were, it's a huge fail.
The major drawback to the Lumia 630/635 are 3 things...
- The price, according to Nokia, the Lumia 630 will be priced at about $169 for the Dual SIM Lumia 630 and $189 for the US bound LTE Lumia 635. That's just ridiculous. considering you can now get a Lumia 920 for free on At&t with a resale value of less than $200 today. Even the Lumia 820, you could get for way less than the $189 price tag. I bet the Lumia 520 will still outsell the Lumia 630/635 and I will tell you why next.
- The Lumia 630/635 does NOT have a front facing camera, this might not be a problem, well it depends on what demographic Nokia is targeting with this smartphone.
- No flash?  even the Lumia 620 has both flash and a front facing camera and I am sure they can be found at the same price point or even cheaper than the 630.

Lumia 630/635 vs. Lumia 620

I have no problem with these missing features, what I do NOT understand is how is this device still worth $189, when it almost matches the Lumia 520 in specs and the 520 could be bought for under $100.

Did Nokia make a strategic mistake here? Sure users would rather get a Nokia X than buy this expensive low budget Lumia.

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