Done Deal: Microsoft takes over Nokia's Mobile Division

Microsoft announced later last year (in September) that it will acquire Nokia's Mobile Division for $7.2B. And yesterday, April 25th, that deal finally got completed.
Done Deal, 25,000 Nokia employees became Microsoft staff, Nokia factories and offices now under the rule of Microsoft, including Nokia's HQ in Finland... Seen Here (in pics below as a crane replaces the iconic Nokia signage with the Microsoft Brand in the Finnish landmark that was home to Nokia for so many years.

Looks like a brutal takeover, but it's not. It's for the best and I have no doubt Nokia will live on inside Microsoft (like an unborn child) and will continue to "connect people" with innovative, beautiful devices and now with the cohesion with Microsoft, only good things, better things will be the offspring of this acquisition.

So but as the same time, it's sentimental for many who gave their sweat and blood for Nokia and I know Microsoft will acknowledge that and allow these great minds to continue to do their magic and not hinder them in any way.

I look ahead to what these guys with their new friends will bring to the table and can only imagine greatness.

After the deal was done, former Nokia CEO S. Elop wrote an Open letter which you can read HERE
Where he talks about merging with Microsoft and how the possibilities are endless.

The Nokia mobile division will now be know as Microsoft Mobile. Future devices that will be produced from this new arm of Microsoft will be branded... well there hasn't been an official word on what future devices will be branded as. Some say Lumia name will still be used, others are of the impression it will be branded Microsoft Lumia, or just simply put Microsoft. Personally, I think the decision hasn't been made yet, though I do believe it will be in Microsoft's best interest to retain the Nokia brand at least until they gain a strong foothold in the smartphone/mobile devices market share before contemplating switching brand image. Because let's face it, that's all they have all going for them all along.

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