Bad News: Yahoo will NOT be investing Windows Phone this year 2014.

Really Bad news, Nokians/WinPhans; I just received word from a source within Yahoo! that the once most visited website and former holder of the most popular brand name in the world will NOT be investing on the Windows Phone platform AT ALL this year, 2014.

Yahoo has been undergoing major re-branding by CEO and former Google Vice president of Google products, Marissa Mayer, with a new look website, revamped email web client and a new logo, Yahoo is set to fight for dominance again, (does anyone still use Yahoo! messenger?)

Yahoo will not be investing in Windows Phone platform at all this year and will instead be focusing on Android and iOS, the reason? Windows Phone does not have enough traction.

Windows Phone currently holds 2% of the smartphone market in the US, with Android and iOS iPhone holding the majority.

Google also gave similar reason last year and just a week into 2014, it doesn't look like Google is going to change on that stance either. probably focused on making the next iRobot that would take over our jobs, and drive our cars, sweet!

Ok, back to Yahoo! Compared to a dozen apps Yahoo owns in the Google Play store, it only has just 2 published in the Windows Phone Store: Flickr and Yahoo! Cricket and they were published 2 years ago and have never been updated since then, so yea they are pretty awful.
And unfortunately, things are going to stay like that for another year. Ouch!
There are 3rd party apps for Yahoo Mail and Flickr, but they aren't the same as official apps neither are they up to par with Android or iOS versions.

image courtesy: WPCentral

Aviary (popular photo editing service) also announced late last month, that they will be dropping support for the Windows Phone platform, having already released their SDK a year ago and an official app later last year. their reason was the same with Google and Yahoo.. No traction on the platform.

It's looking like an uphill battle for the Windows Phone platform right now. Even though we have seen major apps/services come on board, I think Microsoft still has to take more drastic and radical steps to make it easier to bring developers on board and make the WP more appealing to consumers (especially in the US). Because let's face it, the WP isn't doing well in the US or China and these are markets Microsoft has to gain "traction" if they want to give Android or Apple a run for their money.

They can start by making the WP8.1 update out of this world (frankly, I think the success of Windows Phone this year will lie heavily on when the WP8.1 update will become available and what is will be capable of doing).
Also, if the rumors about removing licensing fees for OEMs turns out to be true, that would be a huge step too (Note: it is currently free for OEMs to use Android).

Your move, Microsoft.
Today would be a good day to release WP8.1 and show these guys what you are made of.

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