Windows Phone: 3years After.

Microsoft is celebrating 3 years since it launched the Windows Phone OS with its Metro UI. It's funny because in this same week Android also celebrating 5 years since it launched its first commercial device; the G1.

So though it may seem like the Android OS has a lot of mileage ahead of the windows phone OS, it only got a 2-year head start. But the dismal quality and features of the windows phone makes it light years behind.

No offense to windows phone fans, but the OS is still far from complete, in reality it is behind even Symbian when it comes to functionality and usability.

Take for instance the simple fact that you cannot create playlists from within the phone's native Music player or the fact that you don't have a simple notification center or the glaring lack of functions of the call log system, missing key features like smart dialing, filtered logs and ... I'm stopping here.

admittedly when android launched 5 years ago, it lacked a lot but has since then gained ground in the mobile ecosystem, overtaking the iOS iPhone and being the most used mobile OS today, that was just 5 years and based on their success you would think Microsoft would take cue from them and at least pick up some ideas like simple multi-tasking or a notifications center. but we are 3 years in and we window phone users are still patiently waiting for a good multi-tasking system or a simple notifications center.

Microsoft's buying Nokia's mobile division, but the real value to me is the incredible 32,000 great minds that come along with it. I expect a very very rapid growth of the windows phone OS once these talents are fully integrated into the development of the windows phone OS.

So while I use this opportunity to congratulate Microsoft on their 3rd anniversary of the WP, there really isn't much to celebrate, there is still a lot of work to be done. so put down those glasses of champagne and get to it.

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