Stephen Elop: Mission Accomplished

Standing ovation ladies and gentlemen to both Steve's: Stephen Elop and Steve Ballmer for pulling off the GREATEST acquisition of all time.

In case you haven't heard Microsoft has acquired Nokia's devices and services unit and their patent portfolio... Nokia still maintains ownership of its HERE maps services (though Microsoft will have special rights of usage with this service) and it's Networking technologies portion of the company.

In other words, Microsoft just BOUGHT Nokia.

To be clear Microsoft will own even the Asha line of Nokia devices (goosebumps)

And don't read this acting surprised. the writing has ALWAYS been on the wall, let's start with this...

The internal memo about the now infamous "burning platform" which leaked to the public, and sent Nokia's value plummeting into an abyss. Mission Accomplished: Part I

Nokia announce special partnership with Microsoft. Mission Accomplished. Part II

Nokia shuts down its Symbian division, and gifts it to software firm in Silicon Valley; Accenture.
Mission Accomplished: Part III

Nokia kills promising MeeGo project. Mission Accomplished Part IV

Elop sells Nokia's main Office in Finland. Mission Accomplished Part V

In the past couple of years, Microsoft has acquired multiple companies, from TellMe, to Skype to Perspective Pixel, to Yammer but none of those acquisitions will match the way Microsoft is acquiring Nokia, this was ruthless, there was no way Microsoft could afford Nokia outright, so what did they do, they hatched out a 3 year plan to acquire the mobile giants for mere peanuts. For $7Billion, Microsoft is getting Nokia's devices and all their patent portfolios and licensing, if you think that's a lot, let's compare.. Microsoft bought Skype for $8.5Billion.
So Skype is worth more than Nokia? come on! give me a break.

If you thought the Greek story about the Trojan horse and the city of Troy was impressive this thumps on it BIG time,

S.Elop will step down as CEO Nokia and become Executive Vice President of Mobile devices at Microsoft, the division that Nokia will now be under. Elop will remain there until the right time to eventually become CEO when Ballmer steps down.

This is just brilliant. am I upset? nope, I just love the execution of the plan. It's a win win for everyone, yea maybe we will no longer get Nokia branded phones, but Nokia will live on.. kinda

To be continued...


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