How to Prevent the "Stuck on Gears Spinning Screen" when you HARD RESET your Lumia 920

If you have already tried to reset your phone and you are now stuck with the screen above for hours, then skip to the last paragraph for a fix.

However, this article is for users who are smart enough to do some research before they embark om the journey of resetting their Lumia 920.

Before you use reset your Lumia 920.
Here are FOUR steps to perform before you hit the reset button.

  1. Take out your SIM card
  2. Turn off your WiFi
  3. Delete all personal data: Email, Photos, Videos and Music
  4. Uninstall all Apps that do not come pre-installed on the phone; to do this, go to the App list and long press an app, a pop-up menu appears and if you have the option on there to uninstall, then do uninstall, built-in apps like calendar, Alarm or Camera cannot be uninstalled).

And now you can go to Settings->About->Scroll to the bottom and touch the "Reset the Phone" button.
Your phone should reset in less than 5mins.
This is a tried, tested and trusted method,  I have done this on Lumia 820, 920 and 1020.

Already in an infinite gear spinning loop?
If you have already tried to reset your phone and are now stuck in with the gears spinning screen, then the above wouldn't help you now would it?

There is a fix out that many have tried and testified that it works.

While in the Gears spinning screen... Hold both on the volume down and power buttons for about 10 seconds.
The phone should then vibrate and reboot.

If the phone's still stuck in spinning gears after the reboot, then try pressing the following buttons fast and in this order:

Volume up
Volume down
Power key
Volume down

Make sure that you try this while the phone is charged. The gears should continue to spin for another 5mins or there about and then SUCCESS!


When deleting all your data off your Lumia 920, give you phone a day before you finally perform the reset, I know it sounds "ugh" but this will allow the phone enough time to delete your data in the background.
NOTE: I have seen cases where this method still didn't fix the issue.  I just had to send it to Nokia Care Center :(

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