Are developers now cozying up to the windows phone 8 platform

The problem with new software/mobile platforms is that there is very low user base, hence a small market for developers to showcase their ware resulting in lack of interest in this platforms.

That was the case with the windows 8/windows phone 8 platform. Though it still has a long way to go in terms of apps and peaking developer interest but they are on a steady path there, so much so that Google is already scared...

But the story here is developer interest on the platform has heighten.

Take for example, back in May (of this year), I demoed the HTC One (an android phone) and I played a popular online game and wishing it was also on windows phone I emailed the developers and got this reply

Hi Izzi,
Thank you for contacting us and your interest in our apps.
I will be honest with you. It is hard to tell if it will be a near future or any future. At first, for a long time we were not able to provide our games for WP due to a lack of game engine we are using for our games. Still there is a much less developer tools for WP than Android or iOS.
We have in mind WP users and we will be considering version of, at least, some of our apps for WP in future, but I cannot guarantee you anything and give any details right now.
Best Regards,
Customer & Technical Support Team
Now fast forward to a couple of days ago, since May and their response changed to...
Hello Izzi,
Thank you for contacting us. We hope you are enjoying the game!
We are currently considering porting the game to the Windows Phone platform, however we are in the early stage of only planning the process, so we are not able to tell you whether this will happen or not.
Your feedback is very valuable for us and it increases the chances of creating the Win Phone version of the game
Best regards,
Customer & Technical Support Team
So in a space of 3 months, things seem to be looking up. I know this is just one instance, but there are other signs of the steady growth of the platform. This is just a personal experience I wanted to share
By the time windows 8.1comes out next month with improved Skype integration and a whole lot of features. Then windows and windows phone 8 platforms are also integrated, its nothing but green pasture for Microsoft and Microsoft (not Nokia).


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