Apple fans (aka iSheep) butt hurt after Nokia's clever stunt on iPhone 5S launch day

Yesterday, Apple unveiled two new models to its iPhone line-up, the iPhone 5S and 5C at an Apple event here in Silicon Valley but that wasn't news, in fact Nokia stole the show with its clever jab at Apple; See shortly after Apple unveiled the 5S/5C, Nokia released the above image with the caption "Imitation is the best form of flattery" obviously taunting Apple for taking the bold step and copying Nokia with a colorful array of devices.

This clever little stunt stole the show, and truth be told I steal cannot find press shots of the iPhone 5S or 5C, everytime I try to search for it I get the Nokia "imitation" image. Good move Nokia.

Of course, iPhone fans weren't happy about this jab by Nokia..

Some took to their blog to diss the Nokia Lumia 1020 in retaliation, giving uninformed reviews and misleading information (check this out from some lady at CNET, you can read about what she wrote about the Lumia 1020).

But if you think iPhone fans are finding this funny, they are not! This dude; Rick Munarriz from wasn't having it, even naming his article "Nokia's shot at Apple backfires" I was curious to know how it backfired cos from all looks of it, Nokia had a field day.

Rick says Nokia copied Apple's iMAC

But at the end of the day, it was just an article from a butt hurt iPhone fan, it's funny how he try to claim the color scheme being an Apple innovation from way back when Apple made those colorful iMACs in the 90's (yeah, I remember), how desperate can you be to take us way way back. tsk tsk tsk.

It's a fun read, you should check it out, the whining of an Apple Fanboy, and oh, the comments are hilarious too,
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