At&t wants to know how you feel about your Nokia Lumia 1020, hints at Nokia Tablet incoming?

It's been a little over 2 weeks since I got my Nokia Lumia 1020 from At&t and I still don't have a comprehensive review to give to you guys yet, maybe it's because it wouldn't be stellar, it wouldn't be poor either. stay bookmarked for that!

Meanwhile, At&t just sent a survey to em and I assume everyone else who bought the Lumia 1020 about how they feel about the device and also our concerns.
I'm not one to waste my time on online surveys but this one I took an exception and took my time.
It's really long, could take you 20 mins to fill out and up to 45mins if you really take your time to answer every single question to the best of your knowledge.

The survey includes questions about your satisfaction with the device?

It's a thorough survey, every possible angle was covered.
For instance, below At&t wants to know why you bought the device?

you also rate different aspects of the 1020

The questions are vast and insgihtful, so if you have a 1020 you better take the time to tell At&t your feelings, no doubt they will take this data and share with Nokia/Microsoft, this will in turn make Nokia Lumia Windows Phone devices more in tune with the users... us

There was this part of the survey that seem to be talking about windows 8.1.
Check it out...

From the nature of the questions, it looks like they are referring to a Tablet running Windows 8.1 and since Nokia is about to announce their first tablet which will most likely run Win8.1, I will go out on a limb here and say it's plausible... very plausible. Who else to launch Nokia's Tablet ambitions in the US other than At&t?? it'll probably be exclusive too :P

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