Is Windows Phone ready for Nokia's Lumia 1020? WP/WIP

When I was watching Nokia CEO unveil the Lumia 1020 on July 11th, I thought to my myself, Nokia has finally figured it out and created the perfect hardware, from the actual device to its accessories.

And the question many asked was if windows phone was ready for this? Up until a month ago, I had never used an Android or iPhone before (I'm one of the Symbian-to-WP converts), so as you would imagine I was deeply disappointed with then Windows Phone 7.5 on my Lumia 900 but I sucked it up and managed the lackluster OS until I got used to it.

I used the HTC One for a month just to keep an open mind and after a month I just couldn't use it as an everyday device and I went back to my Lumia 920.
I just love how simple the Windows Phone is, yea it is the simplest of mobile OSes, I think Android is just too all over the place, and yes it has tons of features but how many of those "extra" features do you use every single day!?
Windows Phone is simple and straight to the point and I have now come to love it for that. I remember when the WP campaign started a couple of years ago, their message was that this was a phone that saved you from your phone" I get that now.

But Windows Phone is not without its flaws but what OS isn't? What makes me sad is that after WP7, WP7.5 and now WP8 there are still a lot of basic features missing that makes you wonder if the guys behind WP ever listen to user feedback.

So obviously for a user switching from a feature-rich Symbian OS to windows phone, I got really frustrated at how mediocre WP was (though it has kinda improved).
I didn't understand why I had to go into my phone-book every time I wanted to make a call, because till date WP doesn't have smart dialing or why isn't there a simple notifications center or the fact that I have to keep pressing the back button to close internet explorer or any other app for that matter, sighs.

I am only writing about this now because while I wait to grab the Lumia 1020, I'm also lucky to experience the journey of an Android user who switched to WP and document his experience every day and believe its less than stellar. Yea, I have a co-worker who switched to a HTC 8X, he loved the simplicity of windows phone first of all, but by Day 2, he was complaining about how the native maps app didn't have navigation and how he had to spend to buy one, and that the nav app he bought was still awful, until I introduced him to HERE maps, problem solved. That made me realize how no one really knew about Nokia stellar naigavtion service.

He recently pointed out how ridiculous the "saving contact" process on WP is and how you have to do some much just to perform a task as simple as saving a number, I tried to argue that it wasn't but after comparing with other platforms, I realized it was a bit of a hassle. I mean after entering the number with your keypad, saving it should involve 3 simple steps...
1. choose to save it as new or add to an existing contact
2. enter name and other info.
3. save.

simple enough huh? Not on windows phone it isn't....

Try saving a contact on windows phone and count just how many times you have to press the "save" button.
Again, I don't really have a problem with this, but if an Android user complains about something like this, it is note-worthy, after all, they and iPhone users are your targeted users you want switching to your platform.

The Nokia Lumia 1020 with its 41MP camera will be launched on Friday, I have asked friends, random people I meet what they thought about a smartphone with an insane camera as the 41MP, from the feedback, it's save to say that more than 80% of US smartphone users have never heard of the Nokia 808 PureView, neither do they think it is even possible to have 41MP on a phone and lastly many have asked "Does Nokia still make phones?"
I think Nokia has finally provided the wow factor in terms what they can do and how very much in the game they are still.
It's just left to Microsoft to perfect its OS,

  • Make Xbox, Windows 8, Windows 8 RT and Windows Phone 8 seamless unification,
  • 1 windows app store for all devices,
  • Xbox is the most sold console, how about giving all windows phone users free 1 year Xbox live gold subscription, also create an app that turns your phone to an Xbox controller, for playing games not just controlling music (smart glass), but this one is just wishful thinking, no one should really want that but it would be cool regardless
  • Make Skype's group video calling FREE!! after all, Google's hangout does the same thing and guess what? that's free.

I'm sure there are more features, still missing but hopefully Windows Phone Team is listening.

When Nokia signed this agreement with Windows Phone to be able to tweak the OS but so far what I have seen is Nokia tweak it solely based on hardware they provide, haven't seen any Nokia tweaks to enhance the general UI/UX, unless its related to hardware in some way.
Wish Nokia would just bring everything we love and miss from Symbian. And Microosft owes Nokia that much to allow them do what they want with that OS,

In conclusion (my conclusion), it's WP/WIP... WindowsPhone/WorkInProgress... After WP7, WP7.5 and WP8, I honestly don't think Microsoft should be in the business of making a Mobile OS, to me it's almost like they are experimenting the field. Looking at what Nokia did with that amazing Pro Cam App, if Microsoft had consulted Nokia on building WP8, I doubt I would be writing this article right now.

Still I will be getting the Lumia 1020 come Friday, and will be documenting how I use it so follow me @nok4us as I tweet the pros and cons of the device and as usual they will be "in my humble opinion"

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