IM wars: How does Nokia Chat stack up against the rest of the big IM'ing players

I send an instant message on Line, get a response on WeChat. then call on Viber and get a call back through Voxer and then decide to talk face-to-face with Skype before topping ending the conversation on WhatsApp.
This is the social messaging world we live in today.

When I read about Nokia Chat on Nokia BetaLabs website, I wondered what their end-game was here, are they developing this for kicks? or is there an ultimate plan here to give us the best social IM service, just like they did with Nokia maps. 

There's Voxer, WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat, Line, Text+, Tango, TextNow, Skype and a lot more depending on what region you are in.
But I guess the more prominent IM services are WhatsApp, Viber, Skype.

So what makes those guys thick/tick?

I think for WhatsApp, it's the fact that it was one of the first free IM services, at a time when Blackberry's BBM was the dominant force in mobile IM'ing (before the $1/yr charge, which in all consideration is still free).

I love Viber because of its stickers and clear VoIP calls (better than Skype in my opinion).

Skype has the best Video Calling feature (also has video messages now, though not yet introduced on windows phone, but it is the most robust of the 3. though tango matches close to Skype.

Nokia's got its Nokia Chat and I think for them to get into the social IM'ing game, they have to take a close look at these 3 major players, mix 'em up and come out with something innovative (after all, innovation is what Nokia is good at).
Nokia Chat App makes use of NFC tagging for sharing info (contact info, chats), but that ain't gonna cut it.
Other features in the Nokia Chat App are:

Tap+Send (NFC) Between Lumia Phones – If you have a Lumia with NFC, you can tap+send your chat address, the details of anyone on your chat contact list, and Nokia Chat itself to another NFC-equipped Lumia.  It's a great way to grow your contact list, your friends’ contact lists, and share Chat.

  • Go to the Chat home screen menu and select tap+send to share the app, and to send your address to someone already using Chat.
  • Long-press any name on your chat contact list to tap+send that person’s details to another Chat user. 
  • When you tap+send contact details, the recipient must confirm if they want to add the person shared to their contact list.   If yes, the recipient will then send an add contact request to the person whose details were shared. 

Share a Place – If the contact you’re sharing a place with is also using a Lumia, they'll see a touchable map preview that links to place details, directions, and reviews – powered by HERE Maps. 

Performance and Visual Improvements - We've made Chat faster and more attractive. 

  • In a conversation with many messages, older messages are initially hidden and automatically become visible as you move up-screen, into your chat history.
  • Message bubbles are now evenly spaced, allowing you to see more of a conversation on a single screen.

Enhanced Login - We've made it easier to sign in using your existing chat address.   

The Nokia Chat for Windows Phone beta is available worldwide, in all countries where we currently offer the Nokia Chat service.

Overall, the Nokia Chat powered by Yahoo! 1.1 beta release includes the following features:

Person to Person Messaging: Reach millions of Nokia Chat and Yahoo! Messenger users across different mobile and computer platforms.

Push Notifications and Live Tile Updates: Receive new message notifications, preview new messages, and see how many notifications you’ve received - even when Nokia Chat isn't running.  

Share a Place: Send information about a restaurant, store, or other point of interest.  If the recipient is also using a Lumia, they'll see a map preview along with details, directions, and reviews inside the HERE Maps app.  

Broadcast Your Location: Optionally include your city or neighborhood in your status message, so your friends and family know when you're near or faraway.

Find Contacts: Scan your phone's address book to find friends and family who already use Nokia Chat and Yahoo! Messenger.

Download Nokia Chat Beta

I think the ultimate social IM app should

have a very intuitive, convenient easy-to-use UI
have VoIP capabilities as well as voice mail support.
have video messaging support, with video offline messaging.
full social integration (Facebook and the rest of them)
a desktop app
wide variety of emoticons/stickers and add this, animated emoticons/stickers.
Photo sharing feature (like synchronized photo slideshows)
Music synchronization (listen to the same songs)
video sync too.
location sharing
video conference

Sounds like too much to handle, but we have a few IM apps already that are on the right path.

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