Guest Post: What if Nokia made an Android powered 41MP Lumia Nexus!

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What if back in February 2011, Elop announced a partnership with not only Microsoft but with Google as well.

What if Nokia made 1 exclusive Android Nokia phone per year.  2011=android powered N9, 2012=N10, 2013=N11 and so forth, releasing one innovation each time. (or even the Nokia Nexus) and Samsung would be sweating to keep up with Nokia's innovation.

What if Nokia never shut down Symbian? and used it to power their low end devices, OVI store 3yrs had more apps than Google's play store. Symbian would have been more than capable of handling this.

What if there was a 41MP android Nokia phone? That's bye bye HTC, Ultrapixel my a$$!

What if Nokia never hired S.Elop? then there's the chance Nokia would have either revamped Symbian for touch, adopted both WP & Android, invested more in Meego with Intel, or come up with some idea rather than going solo with WP, seriously anything other than that would have worked.

What if you could walk into a Store and had to choose between a 2 Nokia device, identical but running android, the other windows phone. which would you go for?

I recently read an article where S.Elop reinforced why they made the decision to solely stick with Microsoft's Windows Phone, and with all due respect that's B$, I don't have a MBA degree, so I sought the opinion of a friend who does and he agrees 100% that this whole talk about Apple and Samsung/Android running a duopoly, while substantial is not a valid reason for Nokia to not make even 1 single Android phone, business wise, profit wise, common sense wise, there is ABSOLUTELY no reason on this God forsaken Earth why Nokia couldn't make just 1 tinsy winsy Android Phone, even if it's for the sole purpose of profit (which is perfectly why they are in the business in the first place).

Come on people, Samsung makes both windows phone and Android, hell they even have their own BadaOS and what do you know they are sitting pretty way up there at the top. I just pains me everyday I hear Samsung is the no.1, NUMERO UNO #1 smartphone maker in the world. WOW! for Christ's Sake their phones are still made of plastic.

They say the greatest trick the Devil ever pulled is convincing us he doesn't exist, I say the greatest trick ever is convincing Nokia's board that going solely with Microsoft's WP was the best option.

I have no problem with Nokia adopting Windows Phone, however I hate... no scratch that, I loathe the fact that they chose to go solo with Windows Phone. Who else is doing that? Did I hear someone say Motorola? Yes, and guess what Google owns Motorola's mobile division now ahah!

The truth is if Nokia had launched Microsoft and Android devices, it would have stunted the already halted and stagnant growth of the WP platform, no one (except Microsoft Employees) would have bought a windows phone, even if its hardware was manufactured by God himself.
Microsoft needed Nokia all to themselves and Elop made that happen.

Instead we are left with the perfect hardware and an OS still in beta phase.
Dear Nokia Investors, quick question, has Nokia yielded any profit from its Lumia phones since it partnership with WP? oh wait, they are in transition, sorry I forgot.

Again, I have no beef with Nokia+Microsoft deal, in fact I will be getting a Lumia 1020 next month, I just feel things would have been rosier for Nokia if they had options.

May God help us.

written by Ify Mbajito (

Edited by ... Me... Izzi... @nok4us

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