Leaked Photo: Is this the Lumia 1000 with EOS & 40+ MP camera? [UPDATED] with more pictures

Alot of speculation has been going on about when Nokia was going to produce a windows version of the Nokia 808 Pureview, a Lumia device that will power a 41MP camera.

Well, if these shots leaked by WPDang are true, then we just might see this device sooner than later.

Just check out that HUMONGOUS camera unit, what is it going to house? I am thinking LED flash, Xenon flash, and a few camera lenses, yea whatever camera technology Nokia is brewing with this device it is going to be "LEGENDARY". The last time I saw a camera lens that big was on a DLSR camera!
So if you thought the Nokia 808 Pureview had an awkward bulge then be prepared for this.

The device also looks to be bigger that the 4.5inch Lumia 920 in comparison, judging from the pic, I would guesstimate a 4.7inch screen on this bad boy.

It is also slimmer than the Lumia 920, except for that camera bulge, but I expect it to be lighter too.

The metal connectors show off where the phone will make contact when a wireless sleeve case is worn on it,  much like the Lumia 925.

It's also important to note that though this device is yellow, it seems to have a matte finish, which is also welcomed news.
A bigger screen might also mean this device will run the not-yet-released upgrade, WP8.1 for sharper resolution support and other features that will harness the power of the camera.

Nokia keeps wasting space at the bottom for those capacitive buttons though, just like on the other Lumia 9xx series.


And more pictures of the Lumia 1000 has leaked, giving us a clearer picture of the B@D@$$ Lumia device, the leaked images below show the black matte finish of this Lumia with infinity megapixels .. What do you make of it??

From the picture above, it looks like this phone will have a lens cover (like the Nokia 808) and wouldn't they? You have got to protect those "Bad Boy" lenses!

From this photo (above), it looks like the Lumia 900 with a flat screen rather than the curved screen we are used to.
##on second thought, it is a curved screen! The pic also shows the volume rockers, power/lock button and camera button (should I emphasize how important that camera button is, seeing as this is going to be the BAD-EST camera phone this 2013)

I like how the back is curved here, other than that huge camera bulge, this reminds me of the N9.

The above images just show how thin this Lumia will be.

So this is what our Pureview family looks like so far....

source: WPCentral
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