Install Lumia Exclusive apps on non-Nokia WP via Proxy

So have you ever wondered how we Nokia Lumia owners got apps that non-Nokia WP's couldn't get from the same windows store? I mean it's the same store right?!
Well, after WPDang released a tutorial on how to install Nokia exclusive apps on non-Nokia WP like the Samsung Ativ S or HTC 8X, it became clear, this isn't a glitch, it's simple Networking 101

Here's the tutorial...

  1. Make sure your phone has WiFi connection. No, 3G won't do, 4G won't either.
  2. QUIT the Windows Phone Store on your phone (not frozen in the background)
  3. Assign APN proxy for your primary WiFi connection:, port 8888. (Tap the connected network to edit its properties, select "enable proxy")
  4. Connect via the WiFi proxy, open up Windows Phone Store, search for Lumia-exclusive apps by name, and behold them popping up on your non-Nokia phones.
  5. Click into the app description page, but DON'T choose to buy, download or try yet.
  6. Switch back to your WiFi settings, and remove the proxy.
  7. Switch back to the app description page, download or buy now.

Proxy servers are used to hide the source of an internet request and make the host think the request is coming from someone/somewhere else.

So by using on port 8888 to send requests to the windows store from your phone, the store thinks you are on some Nokia device, but you are really just using a proxy, using proxy servers is one of the simplest tricks in the book and has an equally easy solution.

Or this is could be something totally different and much more complicated!

Wonder who's responsible for a fix, Microsoft? or Nokia?

Source: WPCentral
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