upcoming WhatsApp update for Lumia to completely overhaul the app and bring improvements and new "call contact" feature

If you use a Lumia and you so happen to use Whatsapp too,
So what do you think about the app? happy? nope, disgruntled is more like it, the app has so many problems  like high battery drainage, high CPU utilization, bugs and missing features that if you are a hard-core Whatsapp user like me, then chances are you are thinking about changing mobile platforms.

Nokia to the rescue, why? well, Nokia is working hard with Whatsapp Inc. on making your Whatsapp experience worthwhile.

One of the major concerns about the current Whatsapp is that it runs on a background agent based on the music API, this keeps a constant connection to the Whatsapp service, I believe this is the root of all the problems Whatsapp users are facing. this will be changed with the upcoming updates.

Also new smileys will be introduced and now you can see on from the large tile.

The push/toast notifications issues will also be addressed.

In-line images will be bigger now.

This update will bring Fast Resume feature, where by you can resume from where you left off (if you have the app open), just like with the Facebook app, currently even if you have the Whatsapp app open in the background and u click on the tile, it opens a new instant of the app.

The "call contact" feature will be introduced too (this has been available on android and iOS versions)

Here are a few leaked screenshots.

The app is currently in beta and is being tested internally.

the only bummer is that we don't have an official date to when this will released but hopefully it will be this month at least.

Other features I will like to see are...

- the ability to swipe between chat conversations instead of having to go back to the app's main screen to switch between chats.

- change the background image of each chat conversation (like on iOS and android)

- ability to send and receive and save videos

Let's wait shall we?

Source: WPCentral

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