Is Verizon Lumia 822 outselling At&t's Lumia 920? What this means for Verizon's upcoming Lumia 928

Nokia is to Windows Phone what Samsung is to Android.
It's not news that Nokia is the leading manufacturer of Windows Phones today and recent stats from AdDuplex only confirms this.
AdDuplex gets its data from its Ad network from over 500 apps installed on windows phones and it shows that currently Nokia holds a dominating 80% share of all Windows Phone powered devices, with HTC coming a FAR second with 18% (thanks to its Nokia like HTC 8X and 8S).

Nokia's numbers are expected to increase dramatically over the next quarter, mainly because of the Lumia 520, a very affordable Lumia device with enough features to consider this a steal. It's gaining a lot of momentum and has already passed the Lumia 720, 900 even though it was only released less than a month now.

This Nokia dominance reminds me of back in the early days, when Symbian when the smartphone OS of the future (oh the irony), back then Nokia had the monster share and went on to be the only OEM ripping the success of Symbian until 2007!

If AdDuplex took this survey back in the day, that chart would look like this... 

If history is foretold, then Nokia will end up being the #1 and only WP manufacturer like they once did with Symbian

It's also interesting to note that in the US, Verizon holds second spot behind At&t for number of WP devices, with the Lumia 822 accounting for 22% of the WP devices, interestingly doing better than the exclusive Lumia 920 (20%) which is a much better phone than the 822, it will be interesting to see how well the Lumia 928 (which is a Lumia 920 variant) for Verizon will do when it hits Verizon stores.

So how come the Lumia 822 is outselling the Lumia 920?  
For starters, I saw more At&t Lumia 920 commercials than I did for the 822, are there just more Verizon users who want the Lumia, maybe Verizon it's because Verizon has a larger user subscriber base than At&t. Or does it have anything to do with the price of the 822?
Either way it is very welcome development that a Verizon will be getting a Lumia 920 equivalent, I know a couple of friends who were sad back in November when the news came that Verizon wasn't getting the Lumia 920, yet.

source: AdDuplex Blog
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