Guest Post: Concept Nokia Lumia 930

Nokia Lumia 930- Will create a force ?

Nokia’s state of being was tested last year as it had to face the challenges by Android based smartphones like HTC, Samsung, LG, Sony, Apple and other upcoming brands like Xolo and Acer. Nokia succeeded through the struggle giving us one of the colorful  beautiful and elegant feel through the Lumia series and though they have a lot of catch up, it seems like Lumia series will have greater chances this year. Microsoft’s new OS may not be the best one out in the PC market and why not? Microsoft gives us the same issues and more with each OS they release and thereby making it worse than what it was and PC users continue to suffer. But it came as a boon for Nokia it seems.

Nokia was failing with their Symbian OS and was cast aside by the iOS and Android OS fighting for the top spot. They had to do something to get back into the business otherwise the future was bleak as far as they could see what with the new smartphones and computer tablets coming up and taking the bigger scene, really. Windows 8 came as the only solace for Nokia and saved from the downfall that seemed inevitable. And that is true since Windows 8 is indeed very remarkable and amazing on a smartphone and, I am sure, on computer tablets even if it disappoint the rest of the PC world users.

 What is Nokia offering this year in the midst of tough competition to the consumers? Now that Nokia’s Lumia series has created a niche of its own in the market and can start building up on that, now consumers demand to know what to expect like they have been for the Android and iOS smartphones. Nokia will release a metallic chassis smartphone to compete with HTC One, iPhone 5 and possibly, Galaxy Note 3 (according to rumors . The uni-body of Lumia 930 will mostly consist of aluminium and it will probably come with a 4.8-inches AMOLED PureMotion display screen of 1280*768p resolution.  That does not sound too good with current smartphones that come with 1280*1080p display screens. The power to run this smartphone will most probably will be by Qualcomm’s 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon CPU with a 1GB RAM and 16GB internal storage. The camera is said to be inspired from their last year’s release 808 PureView, a Symbian based smartphone with 41MP camera. But of course, this wont as bulky as 808 PureView and will sport instead an 8.7MP camera with PureView technology. Lumia 930 is also said to support wireless charging and will have 2300mAh battery.

This sounds good but is it good enough to compete with upcoming smartphones? Starting this year, Galaxy S4 triumphs with HTC One and Sony Xperia Z giving toughest competition. And let us not forget the other brands like LG, Xolo, Intel and Gigabyte’s smartphone, Asus, Micromax, Karbonn, Lenovo, and others that I might be forgetting. In this tough smartphone market, Nokia’s Lumia 930 might once again create a forte for itself, which may one day boost their fame to what once they held in old forgotten times but that is yet to be seen. 

Author Bio: Sunasra Manzur is Blogger and Co-Founder at Cashback Shopping and loves to write on technology trends. Follow him on @sunasra

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