Why are Americans selling their Lumia 920s on eBay, Craigslist and Amazon?

When the Nokia Lumia 920 launched on At&t last November  no doubt a lot of Nokia fans and new comers jumped on it, while non-At&t users moaned about how it was coming to their platform (eg. t-Mobile, Verizon)

But now, less than 6 months since its release, there has been buyer's remorse and customer's who bought the Lumia 920 are selling them off on eBay, Amazon and even Craigslist.

I don't know if Nokia US is taking the time to find out what changed the minds of these users that they are selling or trading their devices for either Android or iPhone.

I decided to do a little research myself, i went on Craigslist and eBay, asking Lumia 920 sellers why they were selling the most innovative smartphone so quick after they just got it and here are the top responses...

  1. 1. It CANNOT be unlocked
  2. 2. It's too heavy
  3. 5. Lack of Apps (no pulse, iHeart, instagram)
  4. 6. Don't like the UI (no customization/widgets/ringtones/notifications)
  5. 7. freezes a lot
  6. 8. Phone is always hot, poor Battery life
  7. 9. tried it out, just didn't like it

The top answer i usually get from Craigslist sellers was the fact that one app or the other they were really into was missing from the platform, I saw sellers getting rid of their Lumia 920 just because Pulse (the fun news reader app wasn't available on the platform, he said he couldn't do without pulse and went back to iOS. Or another user who said it didn't have iHeart radio, because he needed it on his transit to work. This just shows how important apps are to an ecosystem.

The second top response i got (mainly from eBay) was because they just realized the phone couldn't be unlocked, though there is nothing we can do about that, as it is an exclusivity deal between At&t and Nokia.

a few sellers, said they didn't want to go through the hassle of learning a totally new UI.

I want to believe Nokia's working hard at figuring out ways to have customers not just buy but KEEP their Lumia 920s

PS: This editorial isn't implying that Android phones like the Galaxy S3, or the iPhone aren't sold after purchase  yea sure, phone will always be sold after use, Lumia isn't an exception, this article talks about WHY users are selling their Lumia 920 after a short period (less than 6 months) and nothing to the contrary.

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