Nokia TGIF: The Juggernaut Nokia Lumia 920 vs. the HTC One (not two)

I currently use the Nokia Lumia 920, the most innovative Windows 8 Phone (I prefer saying W8P rather than WP8) and I have never used an Android phone, I don have animosity towards Android phones and it's O/S, truthfully, I can't judge it because I never used one, I can say saying as much based on what I have read or watched on YouTube!
But if I was to switch to an Android phone today, it would have to be the HTC One, I love the unibody aluminium body, which is reminiscent of my old flame, the N8. I also find the UI interesting (maybe that's cos it reminds me of Windows Phone tiles UI).
Specs wise, the HTC One looks the better of the 2 (depending on what you looking for regarding specs), the HTC One has a 4.7 display, 1.7GHz, 2GB RAM, Beats Audio, 143g weight, comes in 32/64GB versions, 4MP/2.1MP camera (with some kind of tech inside), while the Lumia 920 has a 4.5 display screen, 1GB RAM, Dolby Sound, 185g weight,  32GB, 8MP/1.3MP camera. Yea, the HTC One does have better specs

So I surfed the web looking to see if I could find a comparison video between these 2 phones and sure enough there are a handful... But I picked this one from PocketNow, seems to be the most comprehensive one.
Check it out...

I will give it to the HTC One based on Specs,  but the Lumia 920 wins based on innovation and better quality build (rigid, sturdy and durable body and it comes in variety of colors too)
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