Leaked image: Is this the upcoming Nokia Lumia (aka CatWalk) with aluminium unibody and 41MP camera?

Images of what appear to be the rumored Nokia Lumia 1000 (aka CatWalk) have surfaced and does the device look good? I dunno, you be the judge.

The Nokia CatWalk is rumored to have an aluminium uni-body, 4.5” display with an OCTA display, S4 1.5GHz dual-core CPU, 16GB of storage (down from 32GB), 2000mAh battery and an 8.7MP/41MP OIS camera with LED flash.

This device looks like its aluminium but it definitely isn't uni-body as you can see from the image, it seems to have a removable battery cover.
This device has just LED flash, unlike the Lumia 928 coming to Verizon that has both Xenon and LED, what do you make of that? Maybe it's camera isn't that impressive to arm it with both xenon and LED flash (like the Nokia808)
Also the camera doesn't have the traditional metal strip Carl Zeiss branding (like on the N9, Lumia 800, 900, 920..) instead it has got a cylindrical bulge, similar to that on the Huawei W1. So maybe it might not even be a high end WP8.1 lumia, it could be another variation of the Lumia 920, somewhere between the 920 and the 720?

Also the charging port is now at the of this mysterious Nokia device, I assume Microsoft was making it a standard for all Windows Phones to have their charging ports at the bottom.

Now if you look at the leaked image showing the back of the Nokia, at the botton right above the speakers, there are 3 circular metal connectors, kinda like those used for charging of some sort, I think those connectors are for attaching like an external battery pack...
Here is an image from concept-phones showing what I am talking about...

I am going to conclude that this is a prototype of some sort, and when the flagship WP8.1 (it is rumored to have a dual core CPU) Nokia Lumia comes out, this will not be a far cry from it design wise.

PS: loving how the display is wide and curved, hope Nokia utilizes every inch of it unlike the enormous space they wasted on the 920

source: WMPU
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