Why Windows Phone is outselling the iPhone in certain markets

It's been an exciting week for Windows Phone users right? we saw some popular iOS/Android apps+games come onto the platform, while there is a lot more still to come.
but this article isn't about apps or games.

We got report from IDC that Windows phone outsold the iPhone in 7 markets/countries and also outsold blackberry in 26 markets.
I can understand why this is huge news, I mean the mere fact that WP out did iPhone in something is always going to be news! but this really isn't and I will tell you why.

WP is outselling Blackberry, I mean Blackberry has been dormant for a little over a year, only releasing their BB10 last month with the all-touch Z10 which I predicted die-hard Blackberry fans wouldn't take a liking to (most prefer the physical keyboard).

The  markets where Windows Phone outsold the iPhone are
1. Argentina, 
2. India, 
3. Poland, 
4. Russia, 
5. South Africa 
6. Ukraine 
7. and other smaller markets which when put together made up 1 country, bringing the total to 7

chart from cnn.com

now looking at this list, you probably going ahh! no wonder it was so easy to outsell the iPhone so early in the WP8 expansion phase.

iPhone is not really focused on dominating these markets, take for example what Tim Cook, Apple CEO had to say about the India market "I love India, but I believe that Apple has some higher potential in the intermediate term in some other countries." 

Also, Nokia is a dominant force in these markets (Russia!!), and windows phone success is largely due to the huge Nokia fan base in these countries. and with Nokia releasing a different kind of Lumia device that targets different price points, it was only a matter of time before iPhone became irrelevant.

So expect more Nokia-centric markets to adopt Windows phone fairly quickly.

The real hurdle for Windows Phone will be breaking into iPhone and Android dominated markets (US, UK and other parts of europe), Microsoft can start by bringing the top 40 (not 20) apps on iOS and Android to the WP platform if they want to have a fighting chance, something they are yet to accomplish. 
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