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Sunday, February 24

Leaked: Future designs for Nokia Asha Phones

Here is a look at what upcoming Nokia Asha Phones will look like according to @evleaks.

Nokia's Asha series is a line of affordable S40 smartphones, they currently dominate the low end smartphone market globally, and with these stunning designs, they look to hold that dominance for a very long time!

From the photos, it looks like Nokia is borrowing its Lumia designs to this series and with the single physical button which looks to indicate a "back function", this suggests that these upcoming phones will be gesture heavy in functionality and will require little or no physical button interaction for operation.

I guess we will see more of this starting tomorrow at MWC in Barcelona, where Nokia will make announcements on new devices and designs like these...

You can see the Original image HERE

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  1. Breathtaking is all I can say about those designs. I just hope the Asha Touch OS gets a bit more power to compete with the low-end Android; perhaps a higher CPU and RAM minimum requirement to allow for better apps.

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