Nokia Classics: Nokia N70 (1st N Series Phone)

The first Nokia N Series phone... The N70, though technically it was released alongside the N90 and the N91, it was the cheaper of the 3, and with its anodized aluminium feel (like the N8) on the front, it was a beauty to look at and it sold well.
Released back in 2005, the N70 took keypad, block form factor phone designs to the next level, I can't forget how I felt when I first saw the chrome finish on the front panel of the device. It oozed of class.
It had a 2.1" TFT screen (compared to today's 5" models), built-in WiFi, a 2MP camera which did not carry the Carl Zeiss lens brand like the N90 it was launched next to, but it did have LED flash, oh and there was a front facing VGA camera too, the N70 had 22MB internal memory, yea laugh, but I will have you know 22MB was enough back then, we didn't have angry birds to play or fruit ninja, best game for me back then was the snakes 3D, it's processor ran on 220MHz with built-in FM radio, a feature that became constant in all N Series phones.

At the back of the phone, the camera was protected by the back cover which you only had to pull down to access.
the phone came in either black of the metallic silver, but I think the chrome feel to the silver version had consumers buying that version more.
Here is a quick hands on video of the N70, the video looks like something shot with an instagram camera, but remember this was back in 2005, soo...

The Nokia N70 is a phone I will hardly forget, from its sleek, classy design to the slide down camera access mechanism, it won the hearts of many, actually I think some still use it till this day (which is kinda sad if you think about it)
The major peeve I had with this model however was how cluttered the keypad was, it was a pain to type on,   luckily there wasn't Facebook or twitter back then, so there wasn't much to type except text messages and email.

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