Nokia Maps v2.5 update (for Lumia) brings route planner feature and groupon integration

The Nokia Maps will be getting an update soon (v2.5) and with it comes new features, Route Planner will be added to the app and Groupon will be integrated into the app.

These are pretty cool features and it brings Nokia Maps even closer to world class status (not that it already isn't). The update is not yet available but sources say it should be rolling out in the coming days.
Only less than a week ago, we saw the update to Nokia Drive with the "my commute" feature and more features added.
This only shows Nokia's commitment to its Lumia line, even though they will be obsolete with the introduction of even cooler WP8 devices.

Integrated Groupon
 Introducing Groupon Now! on Nokia Maps:

Groupon Now! on Nokia Maps is a great way to get nearby deals on demand that you can buy and use the same day. You can buy them and use them right away for instant gratification. We think that this is a perfect way to try new places or find great offers around you, in your home city or when traveling.
Finding, buying and redeeming Groupon Now! deals is easy. When looking for something on Nokia Maps, you will be shown relevant deals among the usual search results clearly marked with the green G of Groupon. All deals on Nokia Maps come with an exhaustive description and when you have selected one, you will be redirected to the Groupon mobile site.
Because Groupon Now! deals are geographically limited, this feature is currently available only in the US.

Route Planner

New Route Planner Features on Nokia Maps:
The ability to easily create a route between any two points has been one of your most requested features since we introduced Nokia Maps for Nokia Lumia. With this new version, you can plan your trips in advance, directly on your smartphone.
After you have set the starting point and destination, you can select your favourite way to connect the dots: on foot, by car or by public transportation (where available). The best thing is you can also pin the route to your start screen and have it available anytime, or share it with friends.

I would however like to see the integration of Nokia Maps and Nokia Drive into one app.

Via: Engadget
Source: Nokia Conversation
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