Nokia TGIF: NokDevForum presents DevCity Music Video (Rack City Parody)

I came across this video yesterday from Nokia Developer Forum's YouTube channel, it's a parody music video to the original Rap song "Rack City" performed by US Rapper Tyga. SPOILER ALERT: The original is better!

Even though Nokia is facing tough TOUGH times, with S&P downgrading their credit rating to "near junk" status, it's good to see some departments are still having fun! #Sarcasm.

The parody is used to bring to light the "Ready. Set. Code" program which Nokia Developer Team

Here's the real message Nokia Dev is sending...
Bringing cool to coding. Mobile devices are cool. Mobile apps are cool. Mobile Developers are about to get cooler. Nokia Developer is turning towns into Dev Cities with its Ready.Set () {Code} Challenge. We are hitting 13-cities looking for developers who want to build an experience not just another app. Developers who build the coolest, baddest apps for the Windows Phone platform and Nokia Lumia devices earn devices & prizes. Sign up for a Challenge near you:

The lyrics to the song are creative though, I will give Nokia developer kudos on that, here's a snippet:
 Verse 1:
dev city kid, dev, dev city kid
ten ten ten twenties and we flippin' bits
100 deep coding hard no guest list
Nokias who we're messin wit
Got my other bits messin' with my other bits
Codin' all night figure we ain't ready yet
Make it work too dope I ain't selling it
Decoder's fresher than another stick a peppermint
Dope sweater we the first kings killin this
Young money young money gettin' bounty rich
We got that Metro on this ish

You can read the entire lyrics in the description section of the Video HERE

In case you find the Nokia Developer Parody video boring like I did, then maybe you will like this one (just watch grandma). This one had 13million views, and all Nokia had to do was invite them over and have this kid and his grandma do a Nokia Dev Remix!!

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