Nokia Lumia 900's Clear Black Display beats the competition!

Ever since I got the Lumia 900 exactly a month ago, I have been amused any time I see people outside shielding their Samsung's or iPhone's from the Sun to prevent reflective glare.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, then you probably use a Nokia Lumia 900, Nokia E7, Nokia C7/Astound or any of the other Clear Black Display Phones.

According to Displaymate, the Nokia Lumia 900 won the best smartphone when it comes to using your phone under direct sunlight, and since summer is about to begin, save yourself the embarrassment and get a Lumia 900.
They carried out a series of technical tests between the 900, iPhone, Samsung phones and a few tablets and the Lumia 900 came out on top, followed by iPhone?Samsung both in 2nd place.

Here's the explanation on how the Lumia 900 came out on TOP:

The Winner:  The DisplayMate Contrast Rating for High Ambient Light for the displays ranges from a low of 15 (HTC Desire) to a high of 90 (Nokia Lumia 900). From both the Lab Measurements and the Screen Shot Viewing Tests (below) the top performing device for display viewability under Bright Ambient Lighting is the Nokia Lumia 900. This results from a combination of its high screen Brightness and low screen Reflectance, which Nokia calls ClearBlack technology. The Samsung Galaxy S and Apple iPhone 4 are tied for second place. The best Tablets all performed a notch below the Smartphones  –  the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 was the leader, with the iPad 2 in second place. The new iPad (not included below) performs better than the iPad 2 and just behind the Galaxy Tab 10.1. The other Smartphones and Tablets performed well below these top models  –  ALL manufacturers need to pay much more attention to their display performance in high Ambient Lighting because that is frequently how they are used. The highly touted and advertised display Contrast Ratio applies only to Absolute Darkness, which makes it pretty much irrelevant for mobile devices. Note that we plan on including the Lumia 900 in one of our upcoming Smartphone Shoot-Outs.

Read Full Transcript HERE  (It's pretty technical stuff)

Source: TheVerge

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