Nokia Carla is Nokia Belle FP2!

I know Nokia did say Symbian will be supported till 2016, but I never believed Symbian would be alive and kicking in 2016, especially with the momentum of Nokia's Lumia Windows Phones.
Nokia marketing manager Mattia Fiorin in a Q&A session in Italy had this to say about the forthcoming Carla update as reported by Italian Nokia Blog, it's translated to English so don't mind the grammar...

FP1 for N8 will be available soon, and will include, in particular, the updating of the browser to the new version 8.2 and Nokia Social.
The update will still be small compared to the official FP1, already available for the S^3 terminals that support it, adapted to the processor on the N8 (already exploited almost to the limit with the latest updates).
Probably there will be a minimal overclock the processor (as far as possible for ARM11 mounted on N8).
According Fiorin always, then, N8 will also FP2 (as Carla was shelved ).
So the FP1 update should be available soon, we have even seen it pop up in Navifirm, the N8's browser will get upgraded to v8.2,  and a new version of Nokia Social, nothing said about gallery or anything else, but then again who knows if the N8 and other 1st generation Symbian^3 phones can handle anymore upgrades with their mediocre hardware.
He also talks about minimal overclock, and I know the N8 and family can be overclocked, but will this make any significant difference? We'll see.

The N8 will also get the FP2 update what that would consist of exactly is beyond me, I don't know how much more the N8 can take! hopefully, the 808 should be out by then and doing so well that N8 users should have replaced theirs with the 808 Pureview and forgotten about the Camera Legend N8.

I reckon after the FP2 update for the N8 and family, that might be the end of updates on that front, but not necessarily the end of Symbian just yet, as the new crop (603, 700, 701 and 808 Pureview) will take over.


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